Cost Reduction

Would you believe that premium Revenue Cycle Management services can save you money? With Merem, you absolutely can.

Using data sourced from AAPC and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, we estimate that the total annual cost of keeping 1 medical biller and 1 CPC certified medical coder on your payroll is $113,000. That does not even include the cost of managing your in-house team or the capital costs associated such as technology and equipment purchases, the cost of maintaining their education and certification, or supplies expenses.

In addition to the expense of keeping your billing and coding in-house, you lose productivity for every sick day and vacation they take. And what is your contingency plan in the event of employee turnover? Temp agencies are even more expensive, but you must keep the Revenue Cycle moving or your cash-flow will stop; so, what do you do?

Do your payroll and your practice a favor and put you Revenue Cycle in the capable and experienced hands of Merem Healthcare Solutions.

Charge Optimization

The coding team at Merem Healthcare Solutions is trained to help your practice maximize billed charges. By reviewing every encounter note and operative report, our specialty coders will prevent under-coding and over-coding to ensure that every billable procedure performed is correctly reported. Additionally, our consulting team can help you increase charges by maximizing your clinic output and improving documentation quality.

Cash-flow Maximization

The healthcare revenue cycle/reimbursement cycle is a very particular machine. All aspects need to work together just right and at the right time or the system breaks down. The billing team at Merem Healthcare Solutions is here to make sure that your practice’s revenue cycle runs smoothly. Working as a team and under the direction of experienced revenue cycle managers, our billers work to maximize the efficiency along each step of your revenue cycle: reducing billing errors, quickly resolving denied claims, and accurately posting your payments. The result: a cash-flow that you can count on.

Operational Accountability

We have found that an alarming majority of claims rejected or denied on their first pass are in result of data entry errors that occurred at registration. Additionally, a large percentage of patient AR accumulates that could have, and should have, been collected in the office. With Merem Healthcare Solutions on your side, we will help you identify areas of improvement and help you hold our staff accountable. This is just one of the ways Merem goes above-and-beyond to act as your strategic partner towards our mutual goal of improving your revenue.