Merem Healthcare Solutions is happy to now offer consulting services to our client partners. Our consultants come from a variety of areas within the healthcare industry and each has special areas of interest and expertise that can be valuable to your organization. Whether you need to improve your front office processes, improve clinic output, or coaching on your encounter documentation, Merem has a consultant that can help.

Staff Training

Our consulting team at Merem Healthcare Solutions is here to help you with training your front office staff. One of the best things you can do for your practice is to recruit “the person” rather than “the resume” when you are hiring for patient-facing roles within your office. Finding those special people that can handle the demands and stresses of the front-office while providing top-tier customer service is invaluable, but that leaves you needing to have them trained to execute their more technical responsibilities.

Or maybe your staff has experience, but they are underperforming at benefit verification and up-front collections.

That is where the Merem Healthcare Solutions consulting team comes in to help your staff (and your practice) reach their maximum potential. We offer both on-site and remote training, so there is a solution to fit any size staff and any size budget.

Process Mapping

At Merem Healthcare Solutions, our consultants can help you to maximize your clinic output. Not only does the ability to see more patients per day translate to an increase in revenue, but it will make your patients happier as well. Two of the greatest drivers of patient satisfaction are access to care (appointment availability) and respect of their time (less time spent in your office). Our consultants will help you improve in both areas, leading to greater patient satisfaction, more new patients, and better revenue.

To accomplish this goal, our consultants use techniques that have been tested and proven in the manufacturing industry and apply them to your practice operations. We bring our experience with Lean Sigma-Six principles and leave you with an implementation plan as well as benchmarks with which you can measure your practice’s performance.

Provider Documentation

With the help of our coding and compliance experts, the consulting team at Merem Healthcare Solution has developed an innovative curriculum to improve the quality and completeness of your documentation: EncounterCoach™.

EncounterCoach™ will teach your providers how to maximize their office visit levels while maintaining strict compliance with CMS guidelines. We will also go over your in-office and surgical procedures and identify areas where documentation can be the difference in payment and denial.

The best thing about EncounterCoach™ is you can apply our techniques and skills to whatever documentation process you use whether that be an intuitive EMR system or a Dictaphone.

The EncounterCoach™ program uses a mixture of self-guided lectures, assignments, and live web conferences. Individual and group rates are available.