Why should we outsource our medical billing and coding to MEREM?

Outsourcing medical billing and coding significantly increase a physician’s confidence that the billing is handled accurately and efficiently. Merem Healthcare Solutions eliminates time, frustration, and expense associated with building and maintaining skilled professionals needed to achieve optimal reimbursement in the ever-changing and very challenging insurance industry. Above all, Merem clients know their business interests are in the hands of competent committed professionals.

What are your rates?

Our fees are based on a percentage of payments collected, so we don’t get paid unless you do. Our fees are all-inclusive — there are no hidden charges. Contact us and we can get you a quote on the same day.

What reports does Merem Healtcare Solutions provide?

A variety of reports are provided at the end of each month based on the information you wish to review, including account activity and aging. Specific reports can be designed as requested.

Do we have to change Practice Management or Electronic Medical Record systems?

No. At Merem Healthcare Solutions, we are software flexible and will adapt to your current system. We have experience on over 10 of the industry-leading Practice Management and Electronic Medical Record systems.

We still use a lot of paper charts and documents in our practice, do we have to go EMR?

No. Our IT department and management consultants will work with your practice leaders to develop a secure and compliant process to share your paper information.

We use our electronic medical records system to do all our office visit/procedure coding, why do we need CPC coders?

At Merem, our CPC certified coders review the medical record for every claim to ensure you are not losing money to under-coding or putting the practice at risk by over-coding. Additionally, we are able to improve the practice’s clean claim and first-pass acceptance rates.

How are insurance denials worked?

Insurance denials are worked as they come in by our experienced billing team.

Will you work down our outstanding patient accounts receivable?

Included in our billing services: we process and submit patient statements through your PM or another vendor, handle patient phone calls to take payments and answer questions, and will monitor your patient AR offering suggestions and recommending accounts to 3rd party collections.

We recommend adding our Patient Pre-Collections services: www.merem.com/patient-collections

With this add-on-service, our clients have seen an ROI within the first month and Net negative change in Patient AR after 3 months (i.e. Total patient AR at the end of month 3 is less than the total at the beginning of month 1).

Who does our patient call with a question about their bill?

Your patient will call us. We will answer all questions the patient may have regarding their bill. Our number will reflect on your patient’s bill for billing inquiries.